Dorm Leader System and Rules

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Dorm Leader System and Rules

Post  Ayumi-chan on Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:01 pm

These are the rules for the Soon to be applied Dorm Leader Rules

Dorm Leader Selection Process

Each dorm will have a championship Tournament. At the end of the tournament a winner will be selected. That winner is the Dorms Leader. This rule ONLY applies to the selection of the first dorm leader. After that a tournament Series will be started.

The Dorm Champion Series will be a set of tournaments that will be held on a weekly basis. The winner of each of those tournaments will be the leader's challenger.

The dorm leader has the following powers.

Power to Moderate the Chat.

Power to Administrate tests to new comers and those who would like to rank up in that manner.

Power to Ban people from chat


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