First Inductees ever!

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First Inductees ever!

Post  Ayumi-chan on Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:18 am

Ok So this has nothing to do with tournaments or dueling

I need to thank these 3 people for being super supportive of this site and me in general.

Johnnyastro, You've been my right hand man, you always help me make good decisions regarding the site and just life in general. Thanks all always turn to you for advice.

Tsubasa Mushra, or tsu tsu as I call him o.o. You've been the driving force behind designing tests and even the rules for out turbo duels. Rock on man we love you.

Haze_Pv without you this place would be a gloomy abyss with dark backgrounds. Thanks for making the current ones you're the best!


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