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Moderator Exam

Post  Ayumi-chan on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:06 pm

Moderator Exam

This test is only to be administered By Me Ayumi-chan

This is a written/practical test you may use an internet source to answer the questions

Before applying for the position you must Send a PM to me or any other Admin to notify us of your desire to test. Only Ayumi-chan may grade this test any other Admin who gets a PM about this please notify Ayumi-chan

Here is the Written Exam. Please answer to the fullest of your ability

1. Describe the difference between Solemn Judgment and Solemn Warning and which Summons they can each negate.

2. If you attack and your opponent activates Mirror Force, if you chain with Dark Bribe can your Opponent Chain with Dimensional Prison? Why or Why not? Please provide 2 Reasons

3. Can Royal Decree be chained to by Seven Tools of the Bandit? Why or Why not?

4. If you use Monster Reincarnation and Discard Goldd Wu-lord of Dark World Would you be able to summon Goldd? Why or Why not?

5. If you play “Magical Dimension” and special summon “Dark Magician of Chaos”, choose a spell from your graveyard with his ability, and use “Magical Dimension's” second ability to destroy the monster, what happens?

6. Can Thunder King Rai-Oh Negate the Summon of Master Hyperion by its own effect? Why or Why not

7. If you set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and he is not flipped until your next Main Phase would you be able to Flip Summon it gain his effect Use book of moon and Flip Summon him again in that turn to gain his effect again?

8. If you control One monster and have Starlight Road Face-Down on the field can you chain Starlight Road to your opponent activating Dark Hole? Heavy Storm? Lightning Vortex? Sakuretsu Armor? Why or Why not?

9. If Wind-Up Hunter's effect is activated causing you to discard Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World Would you be able to destroy a card on the field?

10. If your opponent activates Mind Control to take control of your Sangan and then uses it as a synchro Material monster who gains the effect of Sangan Your opponent or you? What if your opponent takes control of your face down Ryko and flip summons it?

Practical Section.

In this section the applicant must win a duel using the following deck


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