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Tester Exam

Post  Ayumi-chan on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:53 pm

This test is to determine who is Tester Material and who can help out with testing new Students Its a simple test much easier than the Moderator Exam and only has one part which is practical. Unlike the Moderator Exam any Admin or Moderator is able to administer this exam So please PM one of us with your interest in taking it and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

The Requirements are Simple. Complete 3 duels using decks that are mid-top tier. Your ability to grade a player based on mistakes and conduct will be in play. Its sort of a mock test so you will need to grade the person testing you as if you were testing a new member. In the end We will look over the grades evaluate your style and decide if you are worthy.


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