Turbo Duel format

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Turbo Duel format

Post  Ayumi-chan on Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:07 pm

Turbo Duel System: This system is based on the Acceleration Duels, that’s right, CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES… Anyway, those are some rules and explanation about the duel engine.

• No Field Spells can be activated; the Field will be treated as Speed World

• Spells will require “Speed Counters” to be activated; Depending on what type of Spell you want to activate, cost can differ amounts of Speed Points; Also you can Remove 8 Counters to reveal 1 spell in your hand and draw a card or remove 10 counters to reveal 1 spell in your hand and destroy one card on the field.

• When a player is directly attacked, he will lose one “Speed Point” for each 1000 life points he lost;

• During Each player's Stand by Phase, both players will gain 1 “Speed Counter”. 12 (max)

Cost System:

• Monster Cards and Trap Cards do not cost “Speed Counters”;
• Normal Spells cost 1 “Speed Counters”;
• Ritual Spells cost 1 “Speed Counters”;
• Equip Spells cost 2 “Speed Counters”;
• Continuous Spells cost 2 “Speed Counters”;
• Quick play Spells cost 2 “Speed Counters”;
• “Target Destruction” Spell Cards, will cost 2 “Speed Counters”,
• “Mass Destruction” Spell Cards, will cost 4 “Speed Counters”;
• Special Summon Spells Cards (or normal summon additional), will cost 5 “Speed Counters”.


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